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The importance of a Will cannot be highlighted enough, as if you don’t have a Will the Scottish laws of intestacy dictate who is to benefit from your Estate (being the part of the assets and property belonging to you) and this may result in your estate being distributed in a way which you would not have wished or expected.

A Will formally establishes your wishes and then legally protects and implements these wishes when you pass away.

The legal formalities will be explained to you whilst ascertaining your wishes on whom you would wish to benefit. Executors will also require to be appointed within the Will, their duty is to ensure in conjunction with the solicitors administering your estate that the wishes within your Will are implemented.

At the time of completing residential property transactions we offer to meet and discuss the preparation of an updated straightforward Will at a reduced cost. If the Will is significantly more complex the fee charged may be higher as a result but this will be communicated at the earliest possible stage.

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